viernes, 20 de abril de 2007


This first level has been great. I have learned a lot of English and other things...It's been really easy to learn and knows new things. I hope level 2 to be like this and keep learning and shining! In this level I learned about weather, clothes, my family, people's job, where things are, and how to express myself in english... Well it's been a great level and i Hope you keep learning more! Take care and see you around! Euro...
Unit 5
My Dream HouseMy dream house is on the beach, it must have at least 5 rooms to my guest and 5 bathrooms, the rooms should have a bed, plasma tv, a big window and all that things that a room should have.Also my house should have a balcony in my room, a swimming pool too, a Jacuzzi next to the pool, a big garden, and of course a multifunctional curt.My favourite room is the balcony one, because is bigger and nicer than the rest, mu dream house should be white, because white is one of my favourite colours, in this house lives my family and I and my friends go there usually to have some fun!!!

......... and my house is...
is big, my house have four rooms, and three bathrooms.... my house have one garden and one garage. my rooms favorite is my rooms.
Unit 7

her is Olga Tañon, she is from Puerto Rico originally. she the best girl to world... her music is very beautifull. she is 39 old year but she dancing play very good. her music favorite is the "merengue"

she is Olga Tañon...

jueves, 19 de abril de 2007

Unit II

I am Euro, my last name is Isea. I am from Maracaibo and study in URBE. I’m 17 year old. I’m told, I like play rugby. My first language is Spanish. My teacher to English is Doris Molero. She is a beautiful people. I life in Alto Prado.

ahhh this is me....

She is my friend, her name is Ariana and her last name is Fuenmayor. Her lives in Brazil, her are from Rio de Janeiro originally. She’s 23 year old. Her first language is Spanish because she lives in Venezuela now!

She is my friend and me!

viernes, 13 de abril de 2007

Unit I


· Euro: hi man, how do you fell?
· Luis: Hello! I fell fine.
· Euro: Ahhh, she is my friend.
· Diana: Hi, my name is Diana, nice to meet you!
· Luis: What’s your last name?
· Diana: My last name is Rodriguez.
· Luis: Ahhh OK. Nice to meet you. And she is my girl friend.
· Josefa: Hello! My name is Josefa Perez.
· Diana: Are you in our class to English?
· Josefa: Oh yes. But I am the new student.
· Euro: We are in the first week to class, but Luis shows our school.
· Luis: OK, bye. We go to the mall.
· Diana: Bye.
· Euro: Good bye!

now... is your turn....



Hi, my name is Euro Isea but everybody calls me “Ito”.

I'm from Maracaibo, originally. I’m 17 years old and study law in URBE.

I love to eat a lot and listen to very loud music. I hate a people that smoke.

My dream is graduate and travel to Paris. My opinion about English is that it helps you to live in what's happening in the world nowdays.

Enjoy my Blog...

viernes, 30 de marzo de 2007

Welcome to my blog!

Hello...! my name is Euro Isea and this is my first blog! here you can see me work during the semester in URBE

ahhhhh she is Olga Tañon; the best of world